Training professional care employees

Understanding the urgent requirements for human resources to care for the elderly in the country as well as in foreign countries, our company collaborated with a manpower supply company to invest in a training centre and international manpower supply with full teaching equipment, coordinating to train nursing and professional care employees, adapting not only domestic demand but also oversea supply. The training program is built on the basis of practical requirements, experienced teachers of a domestic medical college teach theory and a team of practical teachers who has worked abroad, oversee practical training The number of care staff trained has exceeded 1.000 people, they are serving at more than 200 hospitals and sanatoriums in Taiwan. In the near future, with the opening to Japanese, European and North American markets our centre will continue to invest in and further improve the quality of training to meet the increasing demands of these markets.

Through training activities, we also have more favorable conditions for improving the quality of care and staff skills to care for the elderly at the company and for preparing long-term for the health- care needs of the future.

1. Foreign language training

Foreign language training center for training Chinese and Japanese, help practitioners to interact and working in Taiwan and Japan.


2. Skills traning

Our teachers are long experience nurses, qualified nursing. The students will learn the skills standard care, achieved good skill levels consistent with requirements of the unit use.

3. Practive

The students get practical training directly at the care center, using modern equipment and provided advanced care.