20th Century and the early years of the 21st century saw a revolution in longevity, population aging issues is an inevitable trend of the countries in the world. In Vietnam, the rate of population aging happening faster and greater scale.

Currently, the elderly accounted for 10,5% of the population, estimated to 2029 the elderly will increase to 16,8%. The period of “golden population structure” in Vietnam is about to pass away and transitioned to “aging population structure”. The Nhan Ai Company was born is beginning to make a great ambition, became one of the professional corporatituooirin the field of elderly care with complete service and synchronization: Proving care diversity to investment advide, contruction and operation of care model; providing manpower and equipment to serve eldery care.

Based on the exchange of learning and experience in selected countries , international, combined with the cooperation and assistance of the health care group prestige in Taiwan , Japan. We are and will build a system of care centers for the elderly with the scale and professional sync, provides diversified services to meet the diffirent needs of the elderly.