Covid 19 – Lack of human resources for nursing (28/02/2021)

It is forecasted that, after covid 19, human resources for caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes … will increase. In countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany, the United State … when the Covid-19 had not happened yet, the human resources for nursing were severely lacking and when the epidemic happened, the shortage of nursing workers was even higher. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam, Vietnam needs to increase investment in nursing and caregiver training, because it is likely that by 2030, human resources for nursing in our country will be short of more than 50 thousand people. What do nurses and caregivers do? What are the difficulties that regular nurses and caregivers face? The guest was Ms. Do Thi Minh Duc – Chief Nursing – Director of Nhan Ai Elderly Care Center

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