Nhan Ai longterm care Center for the Elderly celebrates the Vietnamese physician’s day February 27

When the aftermath of the new spring has not yet begun, everyone is rejoicing to enter the new spring festival and to enter a new year with lots of determination and promise. share that joy, today Nhan Ai Center organizes a festival, not a spring festival but a festival for 11 elderly who used to be doctors, pharmacists, nurses have many contributions in the physician, together with the doctors, nurses and staff working at the Center.

The ceremony took place in an internal but extremely warm atmosphere: Excited joy through performances, bouquet of flowers to congratulate, touched by the share of memories of the physician profession of the masters seniors and tears in tears with the sharing words of the Center’s staff when celebrating Tet holidays away from home due to specific work and Covid epidemic …

All these feelings have created a very meaningful and special ceremony honoring the Vietnamese physician’s day in Nhan Ai’s own way.

On the occasion of Vietnam Physician’s Day February 27, the Center would like to send congratulations and gratitude to the team of physicians and doctors who have been working in the physician industry. Wishing the Center staff members always solidarity and enthusiasm in caring for the elderly.

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